7 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

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Imbibe Technologies 30 March, 2022

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Various studies and polls in recent years have clearly shown that the use of interactive content optimizes the audience experience, gaining their attention and keeping them on the webpage longer, such as Polls, Quizzes, and E-books.




Use More Interactive Content

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Short Video Content

Perhaps the biggest trend in video marketing in 2022 is the use of short-form content. Brands are now leaning more towards video content as the first step in content plans.

While brands were impressively able to adapt to the virtual world, in 2022, innovations in online event hosting, such as webinars and live-streaming social media, will continue to evolve.

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A Hybrid of Virtual and Live Events

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Humans process images very quickly, and well-designed visual content is more likely to increase interaction and move consumers farther along the buyer's journey.

Optimize Visual Content with Infographics

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Optimizing Content for Voice Search

Voice search is becoming more and more popular. It is convenient for consumers to be able to ask questions without typing in queries.