6 Actionable SEO Tips To Get More Organic Traffic in 2022

SEO TIP #1 Google's new official ranking update, Core Vital, is measuring the UX for sites by looking at 3 main things: – Website’s loading speed – Stability – Interactiveness and Responsiveness.

SEO TIP #2 Linking different pages within your site using relevant keywords can give your website more authority. It helps your page rank higher.

SEO TIP #3 To help Google best understand what your page is about, you need to include the word relevant to your niche. It also isn’t bad to have it in the meta title or inside the title tag.

SEO TIP #4 Video is remarkably the favorite content type among users. So, by converting your blog post into a video, you have a better chance to reach a bigger audience.

SEO TIP #5 It’s essential to keep the content as updated and fresh as possible. This is because search engines prioritize the most relevant (and recent) content for users.

SEO TIP #6 Optimize your content for voice search. To do that, try to identify questions your audience asks conversationally. That means people are likely to ask natural-sounding questions which contain long-tail keywords rather than target keywords.