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5 Great Mistakes to Avoid when it comes to Social Media Marketing

Working Without a Plan You need a solid strategy to guide your efforts and provide clarity for what you will be doing.

Not Knowing Your Target Audience Knowing your audience is integral to building an effective plan. There is no point in selling frozen non-veg snacks to the people who are vegan, right?

Buying Followers One of the gravest mistakes in Social Media Marketing. Buying followers means you are wasting your money on dead followers and inactive followers.

Using Irrelevant Hashtags What's the point of using #fashion when what you are you are selling is a packet of burritos?

Treating All Social Media Platforms the Same Social media platforms differ from one another. For you to understand your users effectively, you must learn every feature and function of each platform.

Not Keeping up with Trends Knowing what the media trends are will allow you to create content around those hot topics which will definitely have higher impressions on social media.