What are Featured Snippets? How to Get Them

FEATURED SNIPPETS Featured snippets are extended search results that appear at the top of Google and provide users with a quick answer to their questions.

A snippet is not a standard one or two-line meta description.

Featured snippets dominate the SERPs, occupying almost all the space above the fold in some cases.

And the best part, You don’t have to pay extra advertising fees to rank for them.

– It keeps your website visible – Boost your company’s credibility

How to get Featured Snippet? 1.One of the best ways to find snippet opportunities is to think like your audience.

2.Make a list of common terms or acronyms of your targeting keywords.

3.Start answering the types of questions people might be asking about a particular topic.

4.Keyword research is crucial to landing those asnippet spots.

5.Keep your section tight and concise so that Google can easily feature your content.

Ranking for featured snippets is the key to boosting conversions and driving visitors to your website.

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