Covid-19 has proved to be more than just a threat to human lives.  It's also caused an increase in cyber-attacks and security breaches.

And today, we are presenting you One of the Biggest Security Breaches of 2021

Volkswagen has an independent cybersecurity network in place across all regions and Group brands and monitors potential cyber risks. This enables them to act fast when potential threats arise.

Volkswagen Data Breach

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But even after all these safety measures, their cybersecurity was breached.

Volkswagen reported a data breach by an unauthorized third party in June.

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Due to a single electronic file left unsecured by their marketing vendor, 3.3 million customers were affected. The file contained customer data used for sales and marketing purposes spanning from 2014 to 2019.

The hacker was identified by the alias “000” and wanted to sell all the data for $5,000.

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The leaked information consisted of names, postal addresses, mobile numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, tax ID numbers, and make and models of vehicles purchased/leased/enquired about.

Businesses must stay one step ahead of attackers to safeguard user information and other sensitive data.

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