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Game-Changing Features of ItNet for Talent Management

Employee profiles at your fingertips ItNet allows you to consolidate all information of your employees into one, secure, centralized location that is accessible from anywhere.

Access control ItNet ensures that your corporate data does not walk out of the door when an employee leaves. Just command ItNet and it will pull all the access for those logins to which employees were associated.

Stay on top of punctuality Businesses can centralize the process of attendance management through ItNet. All you have to do is integrate your time tracking device/software with ItNet and it synchronizes the attendance data with our analytic servers.

Leave management ItNet offers a complete end-to-end leave management solution that eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow-ups. It provides the flexibility to track leave requests and automates processes.

Payroll management ItNet covers all aspects of payroll management, statutory compliance in HR, and tax compliance. ItNet can accurately compute the salary of all employees including applicable GST and statutory deductions.