Wrapped up in an interface that teams actually love to use, ItNet is a secure cloud-based intranet platform to manage employees, documents and resources within an organization.

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Talent Management

Your people are your greatest assets. Managing your people is critical not only to the basic operation of your business but also for its ongoing success. A sizeable majority of businesses nowadays are using intranet software for connecting employees to pool and share knowledge. ItNet integrates essential HR management modules and help you engage your people and data at every stage, creating real business results.

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Looking for a single consolidated platform to create user guides, software and API documentation, policy and procedure manuals, knowledge bases and a lot more?Ken is the right software combined with powerful features that provides an integrated solution to enterprises for efficiently and effectively managing their content.

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SQL Manager

A browser-neutral platform that exposes list of databases organized across multiple Database Management Systems. Professionals can access and manage their data sources over web without inadvertently breaching confidentiality.

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Task Tracker

A combination of online task management plus project management software that lets you run your day to day tasks and projects efficiently.

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Why you should have this amazing software

  • Different Needs. One Solution

Integrates powerful modules like Talent Management, Task Management, Documentation Management and Databases Management.

  • Business Process Improvement

Automates your business processes by leveraging proven workflow management framework and leading process management platform.

  • Customizable Framework

Simple and intuitive interface with customizable fields that can be used across projects along with support for inbuilt themes.

  • Scalability

Incorporates scalable architecture that all modules inherit so that they can be easily managed and upgraded.

  • Robust Software

Obeys professional coding standards to ensure that users get a top-notch experience when using the ItNet modules.

  • Data Centralization & Security

Keeps data organized and centralized in one place, allowing only the authorized persons to access.

Data Centralization & Security

Simple & Central

ItNet offers hassle-free, centralized access to documents, ideas , information and projects, making everything searchable easily.

Simple & Central

Data Security

Data is the core strength of your organization. ItNet is smart enough to prevent breach and misuse of corporate data by implementing strong access control policy.

Data Security

Cost Effective

No holes in your pocket! ItNet is affordable even for small businesses. It eliminates the cost of hardware and installation as it is hosted on the cloud.

Clean & Meaningful Design

No Complications. No fuss.
A seamless browsing experience with an intuitive interface will make your team fall in love with ItNet.

Access on the Go

ItNet allows busy professionals to stay in touch even while on the go. All the data and information is accessible anytime, anywhere via cloud.

Easy Administration

ItNet makes administration as easy as possible enabling you to take instant, effective and smart decisions.

How much does ItNet cost?

Let us do the work for you. We’ll host everything securely on our server at just $10 per user per month.
For more details on pricing, please visit ItNet's pricing page.

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What is ItNet?

ItNet is all-in-one solution for workforce management with an unparalleled administrative support. It is recommended for businesses of all sizes and shapes that operate with multiple teams. ItNet offers modules for talent management, documentation, issues management and database administration. You can use ItNet to perform HR operations, create documents, track technical and non-technical issues within the organization and access database information that you need quickly and easily.

Is ItNet cloud-based?

Yes. ItNet is securely accessible from anywhere at anytime. You do not need to necessarily install it on your premises. All you need is a device with standard web browser and an internet connection.

Can I host the software on my own server?

Yes. You can choose to host ItNet on premise on your own servers, provided you have a minimum of 25 users. A maintenance fee is payable on each annual renewal date to cover the ongoing cost of product maintenance, customer support and product development.

Are there differences in features if I choose between cloud and self-hosted version?

No. All the features that are supported on the cloud version are fully supported on the self-hosted version. You can choose between the two depending upon the size of your organization and your preference to deploy the application. However, we would recommend going with the cloud version of ItNet so that you can concentrate on your core business activity rather than allocating your precious resources for IT.

Who can use ItNet?

ItNet is recommended for businesses of all sizes and shapes that operate with multiple teams.

Are custom features available?

Definitely. ItNet is a very flexible platform. If you need something that isn’t covered in ItNets’ broad suite of features, we can work with you to get it added.

We have a geographically distributed team; will that cause any difficulty in using the application?

No. As ItNet is accessed through the internet, you can use it from anywhere at any time. Geographical locations do not make any differences here. In fact, ItNet is designed with a vision to bring teams together and collaborate in more efficient ways.

How ItNet made documentation easy?

ItNet is delivered with an integrated documentation platform ‘Ken’- another product by Imbibe Tech, which makes the process of document creation, customization and management easier.

How do I report issues?

Having problems with ItNet? Let us know and we can help in improving your product experience. Send your feedback at [email protected]. We would get back to you as soon as possible.
If you have a suggestion to enhance the application, we would love to hear from you. Please share your idea with us at [email protected].