SQL Manager

Manage and query databases across popular database management systems including SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle and SQLite etc with an intuitive web-based interface.

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Data is the core asset of any enterprise today. And the same is often spread across different database systems. Your website for example could be built with a popular Content Management system like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla which often run on MySql. Your intranet applications might be using SqlManager or Oracle etc, while a proof-of-concept or micro application being developed might be using an embedded database engine like SQLite or Sql Server Core.

IT departments are often required to grant limited access to such databases to people inside and/or outside the organisation, for analysis, support, troubleshooting, etc. You as a data engineer might yourself need access to your data while on the move.
Such access today requires remote access to the servers for using your data tools of choice. Such remote access is often costly requiring expensive systems and troublesome to set-up and manage on an on-going basis.

SQL Management Tool

Not so any longer with Sql Manager however. Enabling web based access to most common database engines, Sql Manager allows data professionals to work with their data irrespective of whether they are inside or outside the DMZ (i.e. the corporate intranet). You get native like experience while working with your data which is consistent across different data platforms. You can query your data, manipulate it, work with schema, script schema objects and the like.

Access to database(s) and the objects inside the database is governed by the DBMS user account being used to connect to the database, which can be specified per user being given access to Sql Manager. Which essentially means your existing data access and security policies on the underlying DBMS work consistently with Sql Manager.

You can connect to multiple DBMSes in the same session allowing you to move data between them. With ability to build custom extension points in Sql Manager, you can easily customise the product to inject commands and functionality.

By delivering a familiar, intuitive and consistent web interface across DBMSes, SQL Manager provides a common solution to address local and remote data access needs for an organisation's employees, vendors, and contractors etc.

  • Access databases over web

Frees professionals from needing Remote Desktop Access for data access.

  • Authorise users per database

Allows administrators to authorize users to access only the needed database(s).

  • Multiple DBMS Single Tool

Provides support for popular DBMS like SQL server, MySQL, Oracle and SQLite.

  • Save Queries

Allows saving and access to frequently used queries over even when connecting from different machines.

  • IntelliSense

Provides quick reference to SQL Keywords, table and column names.

  • Syntax highlighting

Features elegant query editor with native-like feature, e.g. syntax highlighting, line numbering etc.

  • Activity Auditing

Allows administrators to create auditing rules for monitoring user activities, for example when someone logs in for an indefinite interval of time or during off-working hours. Alerts are automatically dispatched when such rules are triggered.

  • Native database management features

Browse, create and alter schema objects, execute sql queries, manage stored procedures, export data to various formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF; import data from CSV and excel, manage security.

Simple & Central

Databases are the core assets of an organization in today's digital world. Based on the ItNet platform, SQL Manager offers you a hassle-free and centralized access to databases.

Data Security

Fully exploiting underlying DBMS access control ensures a user is restricted to content and schema as per the DBA policies.

Cost Effective

Cost-effective packages for cloud hosting and perpetual royalty free licenses for on-premise installation.

Clean & Meaningful Design

No Complications. No fuss.
A seamless browsing experience with an intuitive interface will make your team fall in love with SQL Manager.

Access on the Go

Allows data professionals to stay in touch with their data while on the go. Access can be restricted based on policies.

Easy Administration

SQL Manager makes administration of databases easy and intuitive enabling you to get your work done more effectively.