Elevate Skills with Comprehensive Learning

ItLearn provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that helps institutions and businesses achieve their learning objectives and drive success. A cutting-edge online learning platform, ItLearn enable you to offer 24/7 live classes, high-quality pre-recorded lectures, real-time mock tests with detailed analysis, practice tests, and more.

What Makes ItLearn Stand Out from the Rest?

ItLearn is trusted by educational institutions and businesses for its proven results and high satisfaction rates. Our platform enables you to offer high-quality learning content, expert instructors, and flexible learning options ensuring your students and employees achieve their educational and training goals.




Offer rich library of high-quality, pre-recorded lectures anytime, anywhere, allowing for flexible learning and easy review of content.


Mock Tests

Offer real-time mock tests that simulate actual exam conditions. Get instant, detailed feedback to identify strengths and areas for improvement, helping to prepare effectively for final exams or certification tests.


Practice Tests

Provide unlimited practice tests to refine skills and build confidence. Enable continuous practice to master the material and achieve better results.



Engage using interactive, live classes offered using Zoom’s platform, with support for whiteboard and other training tools. Participants can interact with instructors, ask questions, and receive immediate support to enhance their learning experience.




Track progress with comprehensive performance analytics. Monitor test results, track improvement, and analyze performance to stay on course for success

Flexible Learning


Enjoy the convenience of a flexible learning schedule. Access lectures, take tests, and join live classes at times that work best for your institution or team.

Why Choose ItLearn ?

Excellent Learning


ItLearn offers a complete educational platform designed to meet the needs of academies, private teachers, schools, and corporate training programs. Offer a combination of live training, pre-recorded lectures, real-time mock tests, unlimited practice opportunities.

Tailored Learning


Create personalized study plans that align with your institution’s goals and schedules. ItLearn allows you to customize the learning experience for your students, focusing on the relevant subjects and skills..



ItLearn’s content is crafted to offer valuable insights, practical knowledge, and effective training methods to help learners achieve their academic and professional goals.



Learning Paths

Create customized study plans for your team, students, or employees. ItLearn’s flexible platform allows you to design learning paths that align with specific goals and schedules for improved outcomes.


Learning Resources

Whether you’re a business owner, private teacher, or corporate client, ItLearn offers the opportunity to deliver high-quality pre-recorded lectures, real-time mock tests, unlimited practice & Live Classes.



Utilize real-time mock tests and detailed performance analytics to track progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and refine your learning or training strategies.

Flexible Learning


Enjoy the flexibility of accessing lectures, practice tests, and live classes at your convenience. ItLearn’s platform is designed to scale with your needs, whether for a few learners or a large team.



Benefit from 24/7 customer support and dedicated resources. ItLearn’s support team is always available to help you overcome any challenges and stay on track.



Access ItLearn’s extensive library of pre-recorded lectures and resources anytime you need. Learn at your own pace with content that’s always available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the mock tests on ItLearn similar to real exams?

Yes, our mock tests are designed to replicate real exam conditions, providing a realistic experience with detailed analysis and feedback to improve performance.

Can I track progress on ItLearn?

Absolutely! ItLearn offers a comprehensive progress tracking system with dashboards that show completed lectures, test scores, and upcoming live classes.

What is the schedule for live classes on ItLearn?

We offer pre-scheduled live classes to accommodate various time zones and schedules. Check the schedule on the ItLearn platform to plan your study sessions.

How does ItLearn’s mock test analysis work?

Our mock test analysis provides detailed feedback on your performance, including accuracy, time management, and subject-wise results to help you improve.

Can I interact with instructors during live classes?

Yes, you can interact with instructors in real-time during live classes, ask questions, and get immediate support to clarify doubts and deepen understanding.