Frame product manuals, technical documentation, KB articles, FAQs, API guides, HR documents ....all in one portal without an office suite installation.

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Ken, an ItNet based content development platform enables subject matter experts to create professionally designed documentation for your online help centers, software & API documentation, policy & procedure manuals, maintenance manuals, knowledge bases, HR portals or user guides etc.

Your entire content catalogue is organized in one place, providing authors, translators and proof readers with all the tools they need. Ken allows for the streamlined creation of documents and outputs for both digital and print distribution.

  • Collaboration with teams

Get your team involved to create and manage content by assigning user roles - editors, moderators and administrators.

  • Revision Control

Track and provide control over changes on documents through revision control. Revisions can be referenced as well as reverted to previous version(s).

  • Frame typo-free content

Ken is equipped with an in-built spell checker that provides inline spell checking (SCAYT).

  • Content Hierarchy

Make your digital content super flexible via Content Hierarchy. Divide your content into books, chapters and pages with unlimited depth and size for easy access and great understanding.

  • Content Customization

Format your text’s size, font, and alignment to meet your requirement. The embedded text editor allows you to insert images from external files of popular graphical formats, tables of any complexity levels, and various other objects within the content.

  • Multiple Language Support

Ken supports all character sets and text. The simple localization framework makes it easy for you to write in the language of your choice.

  • Easy To Use

A person hardly requires any training to start editing the content using Ken. All you got to do is open your browser and get on the job.

  • Flexible and Scalable

Ken can be utilised in a closed business environment to produce in-house materials, online to make open documentation resources, or for community based production.

  • Record

The easy to use environment of Ken enables you to concentrate on writing effortlessly. To work on the images and their formatting, simply drag-and-drop.

  • Custom Templates

Setup your style in advance at global level. Define font, size, colors, logos, footer etc via templates.

  • Review and Contribute

Managers and subject matter experts (SMEs) can review and contribute to the content by leaving comments on the pages.

  • Subscriptions

User can subscribe to books and pages. Users are notified when someone adds page to a book, comments on a page or make changes.

  • Export

Easily export content to multiple formats such as PDF or WORD.

  • Import

Import content from other applications such as Microsoft Word.

  • Autosave & Audit

Autosaves your data periodically so you may not lose hours of work. Check the last updated time on a page.

Simple & Central

Based on the ItNet platform, Ken offers hassle-free, centralized access to documents, ideas , information and projects, making everything searchable easily.

Data Security

Data is the core strength of your organization. Ken prevents breach and misuse of corporate data by implementing strong access control policy.

Cost Effective

Affordable package for cloud hosting and perpetual royalty free license for on-premise installation.

Clean & Meaningful Design

No Complications. No fuss.
A seamless browsing experience with an intuitive interface will make your team fall in love with Ken.

Access on the Go

Ken allows busy professionals to stay in touch even while on the go. All the data and information is accessible anytime, anywhere via cloud.

Easy Administration

Ken makes administration as easy as possible enabling you to take instant, effective and smart decisions.