Automates the process of sending content back and forth from and to production servers for Drupal sites in a way that required minimal manual intervention, especially minimizing or eliminating the process of requesting access to the production servers.

Business Needs

We@Imbibe do a lot of Drupal stuff (in-house as well as consulting). There are many of our client’s properties as well as our other web properties which are Drupal based.
The development and maintenance of all these web properties involves doing stuff locally that then gets pushed out to production as well as fetching content from production to do more stuff locally (e.g. coding a client requested change to a workflow locally and pushing to production upon approval; or fetching backups of client-entered content from production so they can be customized as requested).

Our Solutions

Created a deployment strategy for Drupal sites that eliminates the need for requesting manual Shell, Hosting Panel or FTP access for the development and maintenance of production servers.’
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