After finishing my recent post on Creating font icon package for ExtJs, and sharing it on various social platforms using my individual account, I wanted to use Imbibe’s accounts to re-share my posts on respective platforms. Sure, that should be easy anyone would imagine.

It was on Facebook, you click Share under your post, then choose Share to a Page, and then select the appropriate page and Posting as options.
Facebook Sharing optionsSharing post to a Facebook page

It was easy on Twitter too. You login under your brand account, goto the Tweet (that you tweeted as an individual) and simply re-tweet it.

However the way to do the same was not so intuitive on Google+. It took me sometime to figure and I hope writing the steps here would save you sometime.

  1. You first goto the Google+ post you made as an individual in your Google+ stream. When you hover over the post, you would see a little icon highlighted in red in the image below:
  2. Next you click that icon. It should open up a new page with your post having a url that should look like the following:
  3. Now while on that post page (without going anywhere else), switch to posting as your Brand by clicking your account image on the top-right of the Google+ page and selecting the desired Brand account.
    Google+ - switching to brand page
    The key here is to ensure you are on the same post while you switch to your Brand identity.
  4. Once you do that, you should finally be able to +1 your post or re-share it on your brand page by clicking appropriate icons on your post. You should double-check the identity you are posting as and also the circle(s) you are sharing the post with.
    Sharing your post on your brand page

It should have been a much easy affair I would have reckoned as with other social media platforms, but it took sometime to figure out the right steps to share an individual post under an owned or managed brand page.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts or your queries below. Contact us if you need help with your digital marketing strategies and/or execution.

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