Each and every seller strives to provide the best of its services to their customers. They undertake all the necessary measures so as to keep their customers satisfied. But, how do we know if the customers are content with the services? The answer is feedback. Without feedback a conversation is incomplete and so is a business without the reviews of its customers.

Getting reviews is important to maintain a successful relationship with the customers. Research shows customers are much more likely to place orders from stores whose overall ratings and reviews are positive and are genuine. Appraising the same, we at Imbibe have recently added review and rating features to your online marketplace, Mart. To directly interact with customers and to maintain end to end conversation, Mart now empowers its users to rate and review their orders.

How these features work?

Review: This feature enables the users to share their feedback in the comments section based on the products and services provided to them by the stores. These reviews appear on the stores where the complete information of the stores is displayed.

Ratings: Users can now rate the stores on a scale of 1 to 5 by providing appropriate rating on their orders. Users can rate according to the services provided to them by the stores. Mart automatically calculates the average of all the ratings to allot each store’s overall rating number.
For stores, the way Mart enables users to only rate orders to compute store ratings provide additional benefits, viz:

  1. It ensures only genuine customers who actually ordered something from your store are able to provide rating for your store based on their experience. This prevents users from entering dummy ratings to bring down your store’s popularity.
  2. Also, the same feature prevents your competitor stores to artificially jack-up their ratings by having dummy customers give positive ratings for them.

Thus, the new feature is a win-win for everyone, users get to express their happiness (or unhappiness) with your store’s products and services, while stores benefit from the positive reviews and ratings they earn by providing superior services to their customers.

Importance of reviews and ratings:

Finding out exactly what customers want is challenging without knowing their feedback. There are number of benefits offered by these features to both the sides i.e. the sellers and their users.

Increased Interaction: This feature allows the users to directly communicate with the sellers. It provides a platform to the users to freely talk about their experience.

Improved Customer Service: It helps to understand the customers and their needs. Getting honest reviews based on the experience of the users encourage the sellers to further improve their service to cater to the needs of the users.

Improved Consumer Access to Information: As the reviews shared by the users are open to all, the other users also benefit from this feature. It helps them to know about the quality services provided by the stores and make the best choices for themselves.

Credibility: We’re ingrained social creatures and knowing if others have had a good experience with services offered by the stores itself adds credibility.

Greater the stars higher the motivation: It motivates the sellers to provide the best services to their customers as stars do add value to everything.

We at Imbibe, understand the wishes of our customers and take pride in standing up to their expectations. We have added these features to Mart to make sure communication is maintained between the sellers and their users and aspirations of both sides are fulfilled.

As always, Imbibe welcomes your feedback around Mart. Please get in touch with us and let us know the features/enhancements you would like to see in the platform as a store and/or a customer.

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