Technology around us is constantly developing and changing, which is why most businesses just can’t keep up with these changes. Businesses that fail to adapt themselves to these changing technologies and don’t go along quickly see themselves losing their grip in the fast lane of competition.

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So, to manage your business flawlessly, you need to have the required software to help you keep your data in proper format as well as maintain it for a longer time. Software development should be utilised according to your specific business needs. Let’s take a look at some of the popular high-level trends that’ll influence software in 2021 and beyond:


  • Cloud services


Evolving constantly with time, cloud-based services will expand with time. The rise of completely new services hosted in the cloud is expected in 2021. Blockchain, virtual reality, or even IoT (Internet of Things) can all function as a cloud service. This expansion of cloud technology will offer new opportunities to software developers and businesses alike.

2021 will be a fertile year for the above-mentioned software development trends. Moreover, the omnipresent interconnectivity, data expansion, and emergence of intelligent software applications will all open up plenty of business and professional possibilities.


  • AI development


Gartner, a leading research and advisory company predicts that by 2022, at least 40% of new application development projects will have an AI-powered ‘virtual developer’ in their team. In 2021, a growing demand is expected for developers experienced in AI in order to meet the demand for this technology.


  • Progressive web applications


Progressive web apps are websites with the same feel of native mobile applications, with all the capabilities, information, and features of a conventional mobile application. PWAs enhance user engagement and boost conversions across industries such as e-commerce, banking, travel, media, and/or healthcare.

They can be effortlessly run on mobiles, desktops, and tablets seamlessly, giving users a rich experience across devices.


  • Blockchain will strengthen its grip


Blockchain is a not only a trending phenomenon, but it has also gone beyond the mainstream finance sector to various industries such as healthcare, IT, insurance, retail and more. Most global players are exploring multiple ways they can utilise Blockchain despite all its limitations.

Hence, we can say that investments in blockchain for its evolving use cases such as the distribution of data, supply chain management, smart contracts, and identity management will see a rise in 2019.


  • Internet of Things


Just a few years back, we thought of software as something limited to two platforms: mobile and desktop, but it’s not the case anymore. Although smartphones consume more market share every year, devices such as home speakers, smart thermostats, and wearable devices are also making their presence felt with software written for them.

It’s expected that IoT devices will reach a market of around $520 billion by 2021. With the arrival of all these new devices, developing cross-platform software solutions that perform well on small screens, with voice control, or in virtual reality will be a rising trend in software.


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