Fire and Forget

Locus simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy to install and simple to use. Just a 2 minutes setup. The user logs in to the application, enables GPS and configures other location settings on his/her device. And all is set to enable you know the where-abouts of your people real-time.

Intuitive Interface

Locus has an intuitive interface – it acts as it says. Quick to install and easy to setup, Locus provides a list and map-view of locations of people on the go. It therefore, saves you a lot of time in getting a hold of someone allowing you to focus on further steps and actions.


The best part about Locus is that you don’t have to worry about your privacy being compromised. Locus does store your information on our server but all information is stored in Azure securely so only you can see your details.

Multipurpose Use

Locus serves as a valuable business tool helping you monitor your employees’ travel route so as to device their allowances effectively especially for people with field jobs. Wouldn’t it be peaceful to know that your spouse has safely arrived after his/her travel or to locate where you could have lost your device? Locus helps you follow whereabouts of your family members as well as gives you the location of your phone whenever the internet was last active.


Easily re-trace your crew’s steps and find out where your crew had been today, yesterday or any other time-period during the last 6 moths. In addition to all other features, Locus allows you to search your people’s travel paths based on particular date range. In future versions, we plan to add smart notifications for you and your people based on their location history.

Record Offline

The application is able to record locations, even when network is not available. Locus stores the data locally in the device storage. And when the network becomes available again, the data is then uploaded to the server.

About Locus

If you are a team leader working together with your teammates with field jobs, you need the ability to monitor movements of your teammates on the field. If you are a parent, you may want the peace of mind that comes with knowing where your teen is at all times. For all your such needs, LOCUS is the solution that will work for you. Locus is a wonderful smartphone app that uses your people’s mobile handset’s internal location services to determine their location and keep you informed about their locations real-time.


Simple Pricing

Locus has a pretty simple pricing model, 100 ₹ per user per month. You may use Locus free of cost if you have only 1 active user.
For more details on pricing, please visit Locus' pricing page.

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What is Locus?

Locus is a smartphone app that uses your users’ mobile handset’s internal location services to determine their locations and keep you informed about their locations real-time as well as see their travel history.

What do I need for the application to work?

Simply install the application on any Android device and sign up for free.
PS:- The device must have internet access to reach Locus servers.

Would Locus work without internet?

Yes. Once you are logged-in to the app, Locus works regardless of network connection availability. Locations are cached in the device when there is no internet. The same will be uploaded to the server automatically when the network connectivity is available again.

Can I try before I buy?

Get started now with a free, fully featured app for a 14-days trial.

How do I report issues?

Having problems with Locus? Let us know about them so that we can improve your experience. Send your feedback at We would get back to you as soon as possible.
If you have an idea on how to enhance the application, we would love to hear from you. Please send in the same also at the same email address.

Whom is Locus designed for?

Locus is a powerful & handy business tool, saving time and money on employees’ routine tracking, especially ones with field jobs. Locus is also for concerned parents, spouses and well-wishers wanting to know the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Can an admin see user’s locations while the user is disconnected from Wi-Fi or a data network?

Yes. An admin can view locations when the user’s device is offline. However only the last reported locations would be shown. The user’s current location would be unavailable. However, the user’s locations when the device is offline are still being recorded, and once the user comes back into a Wi-Fi range or connects to a data network, the device will sync and the new locations will become available to you as an admin.

I want to change something in the application to make it work better for me. Is it possible?

Locus is a versatile and flexible application. We would love to hear from you any feedback and requests that you might have; just email us at with more details.

How frequently does Locus update my location?

Under normal circumstances, the Locus app updates your location after every 5 minutes or after a travel distance of 500 meters, whichever is earlier.