The Client

Based in North America, the client is a large Environmental Protection Agency.

Business Needs

EPA’s site was a bunch of 50,000+ HTML/CSS pages with thousands of images and around 15-20 sub-sites. The challenge was to write a program that converts the static HTML/CSS site into a dynamic DNN site. The migration should maintain cross-page references as well as links to static files on the existing pages.

Our Solutions

  • Wrote a spider that crawled those 50K pages and built a local DNN database for the pages and images or files attached to a page.
  • Went through a rule processing workflow:

1. Created a DNN portal if it does not exist for the current page.
2. Added the html page as a tab.
3. Created sections out of the html page, created Module/Tab module for each section and enforce policy-defined DNN-compatible access restrictions on individual tabs.
4. Download the files/images attached to any page and re-upload them to DNN attaching it back to the DNN tab.
Once any page is updated, recursively go back into existing pages and update links for the new page and files ensuring no link is broken on the site. All this was done with duplicacy checks so the same file linked from multiple pages is not uploaded twice or the same page is not created twice.

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