Information Governance Platform

Information Governance Platform

An information governance and risk management platform for organizations that use DeskSite, FileSite, NetDocuments, CarpeDiem, Elite and LegalKey.

Business Needs

When Imbibe started work on the platform in 2010, it was in its infancy. The client needed the platform to expand and incorporate features and modules to make it a comprehensive solution for enterprise’s information governance and risk management needs.

Our Solution

  • Played a lead role in expanding the platform and enabling its adoption by more than 270 legal firms across the globe ranging in size from 10 to 15,000 including at least two of the five biggest law firms in US.
  • Created from scratch the risk management capabilities of the platform, enabling it to manage and implement security policies across wide range of systems including WorkSite, NetDocuments, CarpeDiem, Fileshares, Legal Key and Elite.
  • Provided dedicated product development, QA, support and implementation services to support firms spread over 5 continents and more than 10 countries.
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