Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software

A data-first enterprise software that facilitates Law Practice Management, Client-Focused Financial Management, Firm-Focused Financial Management, Matter Delivery, and Business Development in a single platform.

Business Needs

When Imbibe started off with the client, the software was in the development phase. There was need to expand and incorporate newer features and modules that enables law firms and other professional services to systematically capture data critical for competitively managing and pricing client services.The aim was to gain real-time visibility into firm’s financial data for enabling timely and strategic business decisions.

Our Solution

  • Played a significant role in developing a practice management software for professional services organizations.
  • Created from scratch a platform that allows firms to configure profit calculations through an intuitive user interface, helping them intelligently implement profitability metrics and leverage them in support of strategic decision making and unique cultural needs
  • Created from scratch a solution that generates a proposal document including a searchable list of marketing description for the matter. By harnessing the right data, the firm’s Marketing department can make intelligent decisions about where to invest resources and marketing programs, and improves pitch success rates.
  • Developed iOS and Android mobile apps to view and monitor the financial health of clients and matters they work with.
  • Developed iOS and Android mobile time entry apps.
  • Provided dedicated development, QA, support and implementation services.
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