Over the years, the area of e-learning has grown many folds. This all has become possible due to cheap internet prices and the freedom that internet gives to study whenever you want as per your comfortability. All you need is a PC and a stable internet connection. So, to keep up with the modern educational demands, schools and colleges need to level up themselves to IT advancements in education sector. There are many advantages of having an e-learning app facility for students and teachers: –

  1. Gives students freedom to study as per their comfort.
  2. Teachers can create their own online courses. In this way, they can make a larger impact along with greater earning potential.
  3. Coaching institutes can also do their own LIVE lectures.
  4. In case any student misses any in-person class, he/she can cover-up the syllabus easily by studying online.
  5. Students can understand a particular concept as per their own pace. They have zero pressure of unnecessary competition.

Imbibe has constantly been working towards developing an app to provide an easy to adapt online platform to schools and coaching institutes for both teachers and students. I-Learn App developed by Imbibe gives that platform to teachers to impart their priceless knowledge & wisdom. Let’s see some of the features of I-Learn App: –

  1. In case schools or private coaching centres want to continue teaching in tough weathers, they can do so by doing LIVE streaming from I-Learn App. Any number of students can easily watch LIVE stream irrespective of the outer world conditions.
  2. Every student will be provided his or her own ID and Password. No third party can view or have access to the course content without having any credentials.
  3. The course content is 100% safe and private on I-Learn App. No third party can download it to personal system memory. 

I-Learn App

These were some of the features of I-Learn App. Students can download it from App Store & Play Store. Imbibe constantly works towards creating software apps and technologies to make a dent in the existing market. Over the years, we have done it many times and will continue to do so. You can know about us more by going on our website, by clicking here.

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