What are the major features of online e-commerce marketplaces? There are lots of hidden steps in the process that are viable for offering your product’s functionality as well as appropriate work. Therefore, before starting to develop online marketplace websites, you need to get familiar with the features. 

Here in this article, you will find the list of important online marketplace platform mart features. So, continue reading – 

Depending on your business type, niche, and size, these things may vary. However, the mechanism they represent is similar. While developing the online marketplace to sell your product, you have to consider the following points – 

Internet Marketplace

Authorization and Security

The user must sign up for providing personal details like name, email id, phone no, date of birth, password. You also have to make sure that all the user data is protected. 

Registration for Vendors

All the vendors will access all the services provided on your internet marketplace. For instance, the vendors will be able to specify the minimum or fixed price for their product. 

Sign Up Via Social Network

Another essential thing is the ability for the user to sign up from their social network, which is much easier than the traditional way suggests. 

Managing User Profile & Personal Details Update

This feature is essential for sellers than buyers as seller information should be clearly presented as well as easily managed by publishers. 

Managing Listing

Sellers need to publish and manage their products. 

Booking or Order

Here, developers need to add the possibility for communication between visitors and publishers. Order management should allow various visitors and publishers to collaborate. 

Payment Option

An online store needs advanced payment features like the ability to use credit/debit cards, PayPal, billing and invoice operations. You need to develop your marketplace with multiple payment modes to make sure that both user groups can use them most appropriately. 

Don’t Forget About Payout

Publisher should recollect their money from the system. 

Reviews and Ratings

This feature helps publishers and buyers understand the situation on the market and develop trust between each other. Both the publishers and developers should see listing reviews, and buyers can write the reviews and rate the listings. 


With this feature, users will get notified about the arrival of their order and so on. 

Landing Pages

It is an important feature for clients and vendors. There should be an option to set and customize various layouts for landing pages. 

Browsing Content

This feature lets the users find what they are looking for. 

Customer Service

It is the basic feature for any online marketplace website as it allows to keep in touch with the customers and grow their loyalty. 

And these are the major points to think about while developing a marketplace online shopping site. However, with professionals’ help, you would not miss anything that matters as they will create a fantastic custom online marketplace website for you. 

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