A database management tool is an essential component for any enterprise. It is not just for storing data but also for analyzing and managing it. Data is the key to improving performance and making more informed decisions.

And when it comes to companies that need to store and manage data in different database systems in multiple formats, it becomes even more crucial for them to have a tool in place, that provides them centralized access to databases. Enterprises require an IT solution that can help them organize, store, and analyze multiple data in one place.

Imbibe can help companies with the best solution for their needs.

Database management is a difficult and time-consuming task. SQL Manager is a solution to all the challenges related to database management. It allows you to manage multiple databases in one go.

SQL Manager is an end-to-end solution. It is simple to use and has different features like backup and restore of databases, advanced security features, database performance monitoring, and more which will be discussed later in the article.

SQL Manager

Simple and Centralized Access

Databases are the core assets of an organization in today’s digital world. Based on the ItNet platform, SQL Manager offers you hassle-free and centralized access to databases.

You can connect to multiple DBMSes in the same session allowing you to move data between them. With the ability to build custom extension points in SQL Manager, you can easily customize the product to inject commands and functionality.

Native-like Experience

SQL Manager, with its web-based access to most common database engines, allows data professionals to access and work with their data from inside or outside the DMZ (i.e. corporate intranet). When working with your data, you get a native-like experience that’s consistent across platforms. It allows you to browse, create and alter schema objects, execute SQL queries, manage stored procedures, export data to various formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF, import data from CSV and Excel, manage security.

Improved Data Sharing and Data Security

Increase organizational accessibility to data and help data professionals share information quickly and effectively.

It is possible to move data between multiple DBMSs in the same session. SQL Manager allows you to easily inject commands and functionality thanks to its ability to build custom extension points.

No complications, No fuss

With a clean, intuitive interface and a seamless browsing experience, SQL Manager provides your team with an easy-to-use experience. It makes the administration of databases easy and intuitive, enabling you to get your work done more effectively.


SQL Manager is beneficial if you want to keep your databases in order and easily accessible. You can combine data from multiple databases into a single view for users without any manual scripting effort.

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