Colors have a big impact on our lives. They can enhance beauty and provide us with comfort, or they can even suggest personality traits and dispositions. Social media is no exception. With all of the new trends, fads, and online events going on in this ever-changing digital community, color plays a critical role in driving engagement and boosting social media marketing performance. Whether you are running Facebook Pages or Instagram feeds, the right color palette has been proven by research to have immense appeal, thus leading to higher social media engagement.

So if you have you ever wondered why your social media marketing campaigns are not working? Is it because of the content alone, or do you have to tweak your color schemes as well?

As the best social media marketing companies in Karnal, we will help you understand why the right color palette is important for your social media marketing results.

Imbibe social media marketing results

First Impression is the Last Impression

Study results indicate that 92.6% of people believe color/design is the most influential factor when purchasing. Color plays a significant role when it comes to identifying your company since people are likely to remember your logo as soon as they see it. Colors evoke feelings, convey thoughts, and convey details. Before understanding what the product is about, customers will form an initial opinion. Consumers are highly influenced by brand colors when deciding to participate in a campaign.

Clarity of Purpose

Using the right color combinations will strengthen your brand voice. As you might know, each color has its own significance and meaning. For Example:

  • Red represents energy and excitement. It’s bold and captures your attention. 
  • Orange is enthusiastic color, giving off a cheerful vibe.
  • Yellow is a happy, carefree, cheerful, and optimistic color.
  • Purple represents royalty and majesty. 

With the right color, you can convey your purpose effectively to your audience. 

Persuasion Becomes a Bit Easy

Combinations of colors can influence people’s behavior. There is no doubt that it has a positive effect on mood and energy levels. You can boost the energy levels of the users by choosing the right colors. Your business will ultimately benefit from improved user experiences.

Men and Women Perceive Colors Differently

Men tend to prefer bright colors, whereas women prefer soft colors. The different shades of purple are more commonly referred to by men as purple, while in women’s terminology the names are more specific, such as plum, eggplant, grape, and orchid. Generally, women can see more colors than men. Even slight color variations within a color range are noticed by them.

So, with the right color, you can market your brand to the preferred audience.


When it comes to engaging in social media, the right color palette can make the biggest difference. Try using color combinations that help you reach more of your audience. 

In the end, your color choice depends on your goals as a brand. What do you want to accomplish with your brand and your marketing strategy? Luckily, there are plenty of sites online that can help you pick the right colors. And if you need help choosing colors for the brand identity that you are developing, be sure to let us know.

Get in touch with us, the best social media marketing company in Karnal, to market your brand more effectively. 

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