Companies are now more than ever, concerned with their culture and always strive to improve the same. With websites like Glassdoor, past and present employees can publish feedback about their workplaces to give others an idea about the work environment, salary, interview process, etc. So, building a positive workplace culture is one of the most important things you can do to help your business and employees to grow and prosper.

An intranet platform could prove to be the most effective tool to achieve the communication objectives of the organisation as well as improving the overall workplace environment. Let’s first look at the purpose of an intranet platform:

  1. Managing a large number of employees, activities, attendance, projects, leave applications and more
  2. For better coordination among various departments and employees
  3. Enables a sense of unity and security among the employees
  4. Helps the employees to complete their tasks within the stipulated time frame
  5. Enables a disciplined and co-operative environment within the organization

A secure and robust intranet platform helps employees get things done and save time. Let’s discuss how it could bring about positive cultural change within a workplace:

  •  Enhanced productivity


An intranet provides a kind of superpower to the employees. It gives them access to all the tools and information they need to effectively perform everyday tasks as well as enable easy and effective communication in-between departments, hence improving productivity. 

Some examples of these tools and information are:

  1. Latest events and meetings
  2. Priority tasks
  3. New discussions
  4. Important documents
  5. Relevant news
  6. Email
  • Streamlines processes


Modern intranets not only contain static information, but also the important tools that employees use for work. This allows the use of intranets as a place where companies can document processes, and provide the actual tools to automate processes. 

Many organizations use intranets to automate anything from simple processes like employee appraisals to sophisticated processes like CRM and project management.

  • Stronger relationships among the employees

One of the major problems associated with how we work in the modern world is depersonalization. We often hear complaints among employees about how sometimes they don’t get along with each other, for which, in some ways, a corporate intranet could be a solution.

 An intranet community allows your employees to communicate with one another not only about business but life as well. With a corporate intranet, the work in facilitating employee relationships is almost entirely done for you.


  • Helps to uncover and identify experts within your company


It becomes difficult for large companies and even for some smaller companies to keep up with everyone’s unique expertise. Finding an ideal solution to a complex problem requires you to have the brightest brains working together to achieve a common goal. When your employees work in a corporate intranet community, identifying experts becomes exceptionally easy. 

An effective workforce management tool helps to create discussions (which everyone in the network can view) about the situation of concern and calling upon anyone who feels they have expertise in that area to stand up and make themselves known.

  • Connects your company across locations and time zones


Your intranet is the central hub for your company online. It’s where most conversations take place, company news is shared, and events are planned. So, that’s how it brings multi-location teams together. Each employee and location have insights into what’s happening throughout the company, regardless of where they’re based.   


When teammates feel empowered to open up genuinely at work, they build stronger relationships with one another as well as with the management. This promotes a healthier company culture which reflects through the increased productivity and work satisfaction.

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