Mobile applications usage is on the rise over the last decade considering the ever-growing number of smartphone users which the mobile apps are an integral part of. This trend only seems to get bigger and more significant in the future. Developing a mobile application, however, is not as simple as you may think as it demands years of experience and of course, expertise.

mobile app development

Let’s take a brief look at why mobile app development is important for modern businesses:

  1. Better accessibility
  2. Building and cultivating customer loyalty
  3. Effective branding
  4. Optimized visibility
  5. Connecting with on-the-go customers 


Now coming back to the important things you need to know about mobile app development, the following are the ones that need to be known first:


Custom mobile app development is not very expensive


Mobile app development is often associated with high costs and complexities which are the reason many businesses stay away from it. Standard off-the-shelf app development services may seem cheaper, but they often come with hidden prices and you might have to pay for added users once you update your subscription.

More than often we see that businesses need to transform their business processes to fit the off-the-shelf set of features and soon they realize that custom mobile app development will eventually save them money in the long run.


Mobile applications are not only aimed at smartphones


Smartphones are the largest consumers of mobile apps, but that doesn’t mean that mobile phones are the only devices that mobile apps are for. In reality, there are several other mobile devices like handheld consoles, tablets, smartwatches, etc. that utilize mobile applications.


A mobile app does not need to be developed for all mobile OS


Just because a mobile application has been developed for one mobile OS doesn’t mean it needs to be developed for the remaining mobile OS out there. In fact, in the case of internal corporate applications, it is usually a question of strategic decisions and they usually concentrate on a single operating system. 

On the other hand, for consumer applications, the OS to target depends largely upon the budget, strategy and the size of the target market. 


It’s a complex and long process


Mobile app development is usually a tedious task that could take anywhere between a few to several weeks to complete. Other things that need to be taken care of while developing a mobile app are its user interface, marketing strategy, app glitches and bugs, features, etc.


The app development phase doesn’t end once the app is deployed


The responsibility of the mobile app development company is not finished even when the app is deployed. It means that like any other software, a mobile application also needs to be tested and updated.

Additionally, new features should be added in the updated versions to keep the app users well engaged. The app needs to respond effortlessly to the new version of OS as well as mobile devices, for which the app code needs to be updated accordingly.


In spite of all the complexities involved, there’s no doubt that mobile apps are the future of computing and hold great importance, especially in today’s ‘mobile’ world. 

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