Human resources are the key intangible asset for any organization. Of course, you can hire a new replacement every time one of your team members leaves your organization, but their skill sets and knowledge cannot be replaced by the new person. In fact, every business knows that the skills of their workforce accounts for almost 85% of its assets.

employee retention

Surely, you can’t fix all the issues you’re facing with your employee retention overnight, but focusing and working on the elements that can boost your employee retention is a very effective way to safeguard and scale your business. Today, let’s take a look how a cloud-based intranet portal can help you with the same:


Employee recognition

In a recent study that included businesses from multiple sectors and their employees, it was found out that around 63% employees feel that they do not get enough appreciation and/or praise from the management. Ideal employee recognition practice includes timely, informal or formal acknowledgement of an employee’s behavior, efforts or the value they bring that supports the organization’s goals and values.

A competent intranet system can host a recognition system to be used by all users to highlight excellent work, achievements, good behavior, or/and other good things happening within the organization. All this will have a significant improvement on productivity, motivation, satisfaction, enjoyment, and loyalty.


Helps to boost company culture

 A great workplace culture is where employees love to interact with one another and feel a real sense of belonging. Organizations that listen to their employees make for a much more comfortable and friendly social environment. 

Additionally, offering new opportunities for growth, providing breaks and annual leave days can also help a lot in employee retention, low absenteeism, and workforce management. An intranet software program acts as a platform where employees can view all the perks of their employment along with sharing positive feedback and stories from their colleagues.


Promotes effective collaboration and engagement

It’s essential for all your employees to collaborate with one another and with you, too. That, too on a regular basis to keep all the confusions, work-related adjustments, priorities, deadlines, etc. in check. All this encourages a collaborative work environment and boosts your team’s overall engagement as well as confidence. 

A cloud-based intranet portal makes it easier for people to work together on an assignment even when they are not physically together with one another. Naturally, when employees work together and share common experiences, it creates a bond and helps to boost the overall productivity.


Can help to improve job satisfaction

It’s very challenging for companies to predict the actual thoughts and feelings of their employees. Normal team meetings do no good most of the times, in fact, even the appraisals fails to keep many unsatisfied employees. If the issues causing all this are not solved on time, resentment, frustrations, and unspoken issues build up.

Incorporating a cloud-based intranet program allows you to tackle such issues with things like a ‘pulse survey’, which are short, concise, and to-the-point method to provide you with an insight into your employees’ thoughts, feelings, engagement, and understanding, while keeping them anonymous.


Keeping your team happy and satisfied is an ongoing challenge, but it’s up to only you to make things right before it’s too late by identifying what your workforce really needs – is it appreciation, a better work environment or/and rewards? An intranet is at the heart of your organization and is crucial for building a prosperous workplace culture.

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