Modern businesses are always in the quest of innovative and efficient out-of-the-box solutions to their business problems. Enterprise application integration (EAI) represents a new trend in the use of technologies and services which is why organizations of all nature and size are using it to facilitate their entire business process. 

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The following are some of the commonly targeted solutions for enterprise applications integration:

  1. SCM – Supply Chain Management
  2. CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  3. Business intelligence and analysis
  4. Workforce management
  5. E-commerce systems


Now let’s take a look at the various business benefits of implementing enterprise applications:


Knowledge sharing


Implementing enterprise applications helps to simplify the flow of information within your organization. It allows you a single point of access to data which in turn helps to save the time and efforts that you would spend on looking for data and collecting it manually. 

This is an effective way to provide your employees with updated data which leads to more efficient collaboration between the organization and the employees.



Optimised and simplified IT processes


It’s common to find non-tech savvy individuals even in an otherwise pro-tech environment. In fact, even in bigger organizations, sometimes it becomes difficult for the managers and employees to handle the IT structure. 

Integrating enterprise applications helps to overcome these barriers by simplifying the business process and incorporating better functionality into a single, easy-to-use interface.





Incorporating enterprise product development streamlines processes that include activity from multiple software applications. For example, data from a CRM can be integrated with an e-mail marketing platform by which you could send messages to your target customers based on their previous buying pattern. 

It could also be combined with an analytics program to analyse the success of an e-mail campaign or with an ERP system. It would help you invest resources where they’re most effective.



Increased agility


Integrating enterprise applications provides the ability to analyse and capitalize on opportunities faster than the others in race. It helps so by providing your company insight into disruptions within a supply chain, reputation management issues, and shifts in the market in order to achieve maximum output.





In a business, it’s essential to cut costs wherever possible in order to invest it somewhere else more productive. In an organisation, deploying different technologies for each department becomes a gruelling task sometimes as these operations are usually carried at different times. Additionally, putting in too many systems for each operation requires maintenance as well which increases the overall cost and time spent. An enterprise app is your cost-effective solution to take on important task with ease.

For instance, an intranet platform for your organization helps ease up communication, inventory and HR management, task tracking etc. saving time and efforts.

enterprise applications

By incorporating enterprise software, you can increase your organization’s overall productivity, provide more comprehensive customer service and make better and faster business decisions. 

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