Have you ever wondered why companies invest in talent management software? You’ve heard it time and time again: “We have to have employees engaged in their work, or they will go somewhere else.” But do you know what other benefits there are to investing in a talent management software solution that aligns with your business goals?

Talent management software can be a game changer for your company. Here are five reasons why you should invest in this technology: 

  1.  Increase productivity of the employees
  2.  Manage the employee’s performance 
  3.  Create better communication 
  4.  Work more effectively 
  5.  Improve the company’s reputation

Having a talent management system in place helps you to manage and track all of your company’s employees. This will help you to hire the right people, keep track of them, reward those who bring value to the company, prevent resourcing issues from cropping up, and more. 

If you don’t invest in these sorts of things now, or at least say you’re going to do this when it comes time for your next budget cycle, then your business will never grow as fast or as profitable as it should because you’re not taking full advantage of this incredible tool that can make all the difference for your company income and profit margins. 

Imbibe has brought you one of the most robust talent management software wrapped up in an interface that your team is actually going to fall in love with. ItNet is a secure cloud-based intranet platform to manage people, documents, and the workforce within an organization.

talent management system

So, here are five features that may convince you to invest in ItNet Talent Management System for your company.

Employee Profiles

With ItNet, all employee information is centralized and available from anywhere in a safe and secure environment. Logging in with an email address allows employees to manage their information easily. We use privacy protection measures to protect all employee information.

ItNet helps you have all your employees’ information at your fingertips! Stay accurate, and organized and save time on tedious administrative tasks.

Access Control

Ideally, employees leave an organization under friendly conditions. While others leave to pursue advanced career opportunities, some do so to spend time with their families. To prevent misuse of data, leaks, and breaches, the system admin must remove access to every application the employee used. Manually, this could be a daunting task. Applying a solid access control policy could take the pain away. And ItNet does it with great ease!

Just command ItNet and it will pull all the access for those logins to which employees were associated.


Stay on top of punctuality and absenteeism rates before they become an issue

Instead of filling out paper-based attendance or waiting to fetch data from time tracking hardware like biometric devices and time cards, businesses can centralize the process of attendance management through ItNet. Our analytic servers synchronize attendance data with your time tracking device/software once you integrate it with ItNet.

With ItNet, you can track and monitor who clocks in and out at your company

Leave Management

Leave administration and employee follow-ups can be eliminated by ItNet’s comprehensive end-to-end leave management solution. The system automates the process of tracking leave requests and approving them.

Employees can also check their leave history and balance leaves through ItNet’s leave management module. The HR team no longer has to deal with queries regarding leave balances.

With ItNet, you can take care of multiple leave-related concerns at once.


Sayonara to spreadsheets and documents! Get salaries out in just a single tap of a button. Streamline your paper-based financial activities with an Intranet platform! ItNet’s payroll section handles all aspects of payroll management, statutory compliance in HR, and tax compliances, resulting in significant time savings and highly satisfied employees. All employees’ salaries can be calculated accurately using ItNet, including GST and statutory deductions.

Reduce the overall effort and time you devote to Talent Management with ItNet. Feel free to reach us today!

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