You have a talented and geographically diverse staff. The problem is, they fly in and out on a weekly basis. You want your employees to feel comfortable working from wherever they want, but you need them to show up and work for everyone involved…

… Until recently, it seemed impossible for an organization to even imagine such a thing, but enforced remote working during lockdown has proven us all wrong.

With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing unprecedented changes in work life, a study has revealed that 82 percent of respondents admitted that they prefer working from home to going back to the office.

This little data is enough to prove that hiring remote workers can be a great benefit to your company as you can recruit from a global and more diversified talent pool, leading to a highly-skilled and inclusive workforce. 

So, if you are looking to retain the best employees or develop additional talent, the ItNet talent management platform can help you do just that. 

ItNet is an all-in-one secure cloud-based intranet platform to manage employees, documents, and resources within an organization.

You can access ItNet from anywhere and at any time through the internet. Geographical locations do not make any difference here. In fact, ItNet was designed to bring teams together and improve collaboration.

talent management software

In this post, we’ll walk through some benefits of talent management software for an organization to handle remote teams:

Centralization of Your HR Data

Organizations use talent management software to streamline one or more aspects of human resources. Generally referred to as performance management, this area involves supervising employee work, providing feedback, facilitating workflows, and defining and managing the organization’s structure. 

When these tasks are managed through dedicated software, you will be able to benefit from the centralization they provide immediately.

It is easier to identify trends or issues as they arise when you have a complete record of employee engagement data. 

Increased Employee Engagement 

One of the most critical factors that promote employee retention is how well an organization supports an individual’s career growth. Employees become loyal to companies that invest in their career development.

As a result, they contribute to strengthening your internal culture and take advantage of learning and growth opportunities.

Providing learning opportunities can help employers retain their best teammates and maximize their abilities, and using talent management software can streamline your offerings and ensure remote employees have fair access to these opportunities. 

Building a Transparent Culture 

Using talent management software can also help make your remote business’s internal processes as transparent as possible.

Talent management tools can provide employees with easy access to their own records, total rewards statements, and advancement opportunities.

Better Communication

If you want your employees to be happy and productive, it is essential that they feel supported. No one likes to feel like they’re working alone with no one to turn to if things go wrong. This is why remote talent management requires such a fine balancing act: you need to communicate with your work-from-home employees regularly without overwhelming them. At the same time, you have to give them room for self-starter ship. 


The fact of the matter is that remote talent management is here to stay. In fact, if your business or organization doesn’t already embrace remote work, you’re behind the curve. But regardless of whether your company pivoted to remote work or was forced into it by the recession, there are ways to make it work. And one thing’s for sure: to ensure you have employees who stick around, it pays to give them something they can’t find anywhere else: a collaborative and supportive working environment.

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