Talent Management

Wrapped up in an interface that teams actually love to use, ItNet is a secure cloud-based intranet platform to manage people, documents and workforce within an organization.

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Your people are your greatest assets. Managing your people is critical not only to the basic operation of your business but also for its ongoing success. As a manager/admin, you need to ensure that you have a complete database of employees, what will your new employees have access to, and what do they have permissions to change? Ideally, your workforce management process sounds smooth, efficient and organized but actually, the entire process is often manual, tedious and driven by inconsistencies.
Luckily, ItNet is the right solution for your talent management needs with a suite of features that cover the complete employee lifecycle- from onboarding through to human resources management to performance management to employees’ grievance redressal.

Employee Profiles

Have all your employees’ information at your fingertips!

ItNet consolidates all information of your employees at a safe and centralized information store that is accessible from anywhere. Employees can log in using their email address and easily manage their information. All sensitive employee information is secured using privacy protection measures.

Stay accurate, organized and save time on tedious administrative tasks.

Access Control

Ensure your corporate data does not walk out of the door when an employee leaves

Ideally, employees leave an organization under friendly conditions. Some leave to spend time with their families while others may leave to pursue advanced career opportunities. In both the cases, system admin needs to remove access to every application that the employee used to avoid misuse of information, data leaks and breaches. Manually, this could be a daunting task. Applying a solid access control policy could take the pain away. And ItNet does it with great ease !

Just command ItNet and it will pull all the access for those logins to which employees were associated.


Stay on top of punctuality and absenteeism rates before they become an issue

Instead of filling out paper-based attendance or waiting to fetch data from time tracking hardware like biometric devices and time-cards, businesses can centralize the process of attendance management through ItNet. All you have to do is integrate your time tracking device/software with ItNet and it synchronizes the attendance data with our analytic servers.

ItNet simplifies the way your company tracks and monitors who’s clocked in and who’s out

Leave Management

Get rid of queries with regards to leave requests from employees

ItNet offers complete end-to-end leave management solution that eliminates busy work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups. It provides the flexibility to track leave requests and automates the leave approval process.

Another aspect of ItNet leave management module is transparency in allowing the employees to check for their leave history, balance leaves etc. They no longer have to bother the HR team regarding their leave balances.

ItNet deals with multiple leave related concerns in a single stroke.


Get salaries out in just a single tap of button!

It’s time to say ‘Sayonara’ to spreadsheets and documents! Convert your paper-based financial activities to a more efficient Intranet platform! The payroll section of ItNet covers all aspects of payroll management, statutory compliance in HR and tax compliances, therefore, bringing you huge time savings and highly satisfied employees. ItNet can accurately compute the salary of all employees including applicable GST and statutory deductions.

Simple & Central

ItNet offers hassle-free, centralized access to documents, ideas , information and projects, making everything searchable easily.

Data Security

Data is the core strength of your organization. ItNet is smart enough to prevent breach and misuse of corporate data by implementing strong access control policy.

Cost Effective

No holes in your pocket! ItNet is affordable even for small businesses. It eliminates the cost of hardware and installation as it is hosted on the cloud.

Clean & Meaningful Design

No Complications. No fuss.
A seamless browsing experience with an intuitive interface will make your team fall in love with ItNet.

Access on the Go

ItNet allows busy professionals to stay in touch even while on the go. All the data and information is accessible anytime, anywhere via cloud.

Easy Administration

ItNet makes administration as easy as possible enabling you to take instant, effective and smart decisions.