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Mart Use Cases

Online Marketplace

If you want to start an online marketplace just like Amazon, Flipkart, e-Bay etc, Mart is the right platform for you.

Comprehensive features

Mart provides a comprehensive feature-set, including Admin and Seller/Merchant dashboards, real-time notifications and reporting and more to help you grow your business online.

Veg Platter

Veg Platter wanted to start a niche online food delivery service. After careful deliberations and brainstorming, Veg Platter decided to choose Mart as its platform of choice because of its rich CMS capabilities, out-of-the-box apps and user-friendly features drastically cutting the time to go live for Veg Platter. Today Veg Platter has over 60 Restaurants offering food pickup and delivery in multiple cities in Haryana, India.


Operating a retail chain, franchises or stores?
Mart is exactly what you need to take your business online.

Decentralised store management

Mart perfectly blends the needs of central administration and insights with decentralised store management capabilities to seamlessly allow store managers run day-to-day operations while giving you all the information you need for managing your business.

Pizza Galleria

Pizza Galleria runs a chain of Pizza Stores spread across 5 cities and growing. Having established a firm physical presence competing against global biggies like Dominos, Pizza Hut etc, Pizaa Galleria now wanted to establish a strong online identity to enable people browse through and easily order food. Pizza Galleria chose Mart as their platform to take their business online and saw immediate ROIs with hundreds of orders resulting from custom campaigns and offers ran through the Mart platform.


Looking for taking your brick-and-mortar store online?
Want to offer an online-only platform for selling products?

Online identity

Mart helps you quickly establish your identity online and start accepting digital orders in no-time, enabling you to compete with online retailers right on their turf. You can even seamlessly manage your inventories, billing and accounts for both physical and digital sales in a single place.

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